The Church of Wisdom is a non-denominational, non-profit universal and spiritual church, and a 501(c)3 religious tax exempt organization. The Church was chartered in 1974 with the purpose of developing, training, supporting and assisting its’ ministers in their healing work, teaching instruction, and ministerial duties. We embrace all higher spiritual truths and the many ways God has revealed and expressed Himself and each of us throughout time.  The fundamental purpose of the church is twofold:

To create a ministry of healers and teachers who would carry their light out into the world, just as the Christ did over two thousand years ago. Through their teaching and healing ministry, others would be awakened spiritually and would discover the light that  shines within themselves, and the truth of who they really are.

To establish a church for the worship of God where people from all religious backgrounds may come together in harmony and diversity to learn, grow, heal, and express their soul’s true purpose.


The Church of Wisdom Complex

One of the most unique and distinguishing things about Delphi University is the beautiful and remarkable Church of Wisdom complex adjoining the Delphi campus. Based on the principles of Sacred Geometry, the Temples provide a sanctuary of spiritual wisdom and universal truth, which is embodied in their sacred geometric shapes, sacred art forms, symbols of age-old knowledge, as well as numerous large and sacred crystal treasures from all parts of the earth. The complex currently consists of the Temple of Wisdom, the Temple of Light, and the Temple of Healing. Future construction plans and intentions also include the Temple of the People and the Cosmic Observatory Deck which captures the panoramic views of the stars and the earth from the mountain top upon which the complex is built.

Everyone is Welcome

Currently, the Church of Wisdom is conducting services once a month on the Sunday following the first Friday of each month, to correspond to our Connecting With Spirit Weekends at Delphi. Everyone is welcome to join us as we celebrate our love, our work, and our purpose. Come sing, meditate, and learn with us. Please email us at or contact our offices at 1-888-335-7448 for more information and current schedule

Upcoming Events

Become An Angel of Healing

Becoming an Angel of Healing is an opportunity to establish and support an everlasting ministry and legacy of love, light, and healing. We are many, yet we are one. Each of us who have been blessed to come here can pave the way for those who will come in the future and receive the blessings of this sacred energy, by supporting our healing work. You can choose your support from multiple levels of contributions. All donations are tax-deductible, and your gift of any amount and your good intentions will make a difference. All contributors will be acknowledged for their generosity in commemorative angle plaques inscribed with their name to acknowledge their gift. With your gift of love, you can be a Delphi Angel of Healing. Thank you for your support.


The Church of Wisdom has designated and certified the teaching and education programs of Delphi University, and its subsidiaries, The Patricia Hayes School, Arthur Ford Academy, the RoHun Institute, and the Entura Spiritual Art Institute as the official educational and seminary programs for ordination as a Minister in the Church of Wisdom, in accordance with the laws and statutes of the State of Georgia. The Church of Wisdom Inc., PO Box 1119, 725 Old Silver Mine Rd, McCaysville, GA 30555. If you are interested in becoming a spiritual therapist, energy healer, spiritual artist, or spiritual counselor, please follow the link below. Love, Light, and Many Blessings.

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