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Charter of the Church of Wisdom

1) To establish a church for the worship of God where people from all walks of life may come together in harmony and diversity to learn, grow, heal, and express their soul’s true purpose.

2) To spread, teach, and preach among all Mankind, the everlasting Gospel and principles of The Church of Wisdom as set forth in the Holy Scriptures and all other great and well known manuscripts and teachings and concomitant with any and all known religions.

3) To teach, promote, and practice spiritual truths and the understanding of such truths.

4) To communicate with persons who have passed over into the Spiritual World.

5) To perform marriages, bless and spiritually assist any and all persons seeking help and refuge.

6) To help bless, and spiritually assist those in need, sick and afflicted, those in the prisons, the dying, to comfort those who mourn, and to defend the helpless.

7) To teach, practice, and conduct investigations and experiments in Psychic Research, Metaphysical Theories, Extrasensory Perceptions, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Prognosis, and other constructive and helpful forms of Spiritual, Mental, and Psychic phenomena.

8) To teach, practice, and conduct Spiritual and Psychical healings and blessings.

9) ) To teach, train, ordain, and issue charters for Churches, Clubs, Associations, Seminaries, Organizers, et cetera.

The Church of Wisdom

The Church of Wisdom has designated and certified the teaching and education programs of Delphi University, and its subsidiaries, The Patricia Hayes School, Arthur Ford Academy, and the RoHun™ Institute as the official educational and seminary programs for ordination as a Minister in the Church of Wisdom, in accordance with the laws and statutes of the State of Georgia.