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Fundamental Truths of the Church of Wisdom

(1) Each of us is a son or daughter of the One True God, not a creation, not something separate or external, but each one a part of the whole, expressed and projected from within the Heart of God.

(2) Everything that ever was, is, or will be has always existed within the Consciousness of God.

(3) Each of us possesses an eternal consciousness, without beginning or end.  This consciousness of ours, this piece of God’s Eternal Light, transcends life and death.

(4) We are spiritual beings learning to be human, not the other way around. Every one of us has had numerous lifetimes here on earth and in other worlds.  The purpose of these incarnations has been to expand our Father’s presence and love into the physical world, to grow and develop spiritually, and to bring our spirits fully into matter.

(5) We know God because we experience Him and Her directly, both personally and through their many manifestations.

(6) The purpose, mission, and journey of each human being is to evolve spiritually and to develop and express their true God and Christ nature.

Membership in the Church is open to all serious seekers of truth and enlightenment.  Membership is not based upon any specific belief, creed, ideology, race, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or physical ability.  Members are expected to participate regularly in the community life of the Congregation and to support it both financially and through their service to the Church. Youth members are also welcome.


The Church of Wisdom Inc., PO Box 1119, 725 Old Silver Mine Rd, McCaysville, GA 30555. Registered in the states of Florida and Georgia.