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The Plan

Spirit communicated to us that there were to be as many as four buildings in the complex, to be built in each of the four directions.  Each of the four buildings would surround a courtyard and a fountain which was to be in the shape of a circle, with an equal length cross in the center, with each end of the cross pointing in one of the four directions.  This cross within the circle is the symbol of the Great White Lodge, also known as the Great White Brotherhood or Brotherhood of Light, the organization of Masters, Archangels, angelic beings, and those human beings on earth, who work under the auspices of the Christ for the evolution of mankind and of the planet.  The main Temple was to face east in the direction of the sunrise, so that when the sun rose, God’s Light would shine through the front door and into the church. In addition to the main temple, there were also to be three other primary buildings, a total of four, to complete the Church of Wisdom complex.  The four buildings to be constructed are:

Temple of Wisdom -Completed February 2003

Temple of Light  -Completed February 2003

Temple of Healing

Mauricio Panisset Temple of Healing – planned to start in 2015 and finish in 2016. This building will be a 48 foot tall five-sided pyramid dedicated to the memory and life of Mauricio Panisset, the Man of Light. The Temple of Healing will be used for healings for all who have a need, and will be large enough to support 10  healers working simultaneously.

Temple of the People – Construction planned for 2017.

This is a large social building which will be used for gatherings, workshops, special occasions, eating, and fun.

A ceremony dedicating the opening of the Temple of Wisdom and the Temple of Light was held in February of 2003. At that time our spiritual friends communicated to us that now is the time to celebrate, dedicate and increase the energy of this wonderful spiritual gateway.