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Mauricio Panisset Temple of Healing

Ceremonies dedicating the opening of the Temple of Wisdom and the Temple of Light were held in February of 2003, and for the Temple of Healing in February 2018. At that time our spiritual friends communicated to us that now is the time to celebrate, dedicate and increase the energy of this wonderful spiritual gateway. Dedicated to the memory of Mauricio Panisset, the extraordinary Brazilian healer known as the Man of Light,

the Temple of Healing at Delphi is a sacred place open to the public where people receive individual energy healing sessions free of charge.  Committed to our purpose of helping others and sharing God’s gifts of love, light, and healing, each month we hold the Healing Sanctuary, where people from all over the country come to receive the beautiful spiritual gifts channeled by our gifted and devoted Delphi healers for their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Individual healing sessions are given to all who come. Completed in early 2018, the Temple of Healing replaces the former Healing Sanctuary on the Delphi campus. Please wear white clothing. Love offerings accepted.  Please contact us for the current schedule and for more information.

Mauricio Panisset

Mauricio Panisset Temple of Healing

Temple of the People

The construction of this temple is planned for a later date. This is a large social building which will be used for gatherings, workshops, special occasions and events, and fun.