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Temple of Wisdom

The first building erected was the main temple, The Temple of Wisdom. Built upon the principles of Sacred Geometry, the construction of the temple incorporates the five sacred geometric shapes which represent the five elements into the buildings’ design. The front of the Church resembles an ancient Greek Temple. The two columns supporting the roof represent the Twin Pillars of Joachim and Boaz from the Temple of Solomon, the pillars representing the masculine and feminine energies: Joachim on the right and Boaz on the left as one is facing out from the temple. The central chamber of the church is constructed in a Decagon or ten-sided circular shape, the completion number of 10 in Kabbalistic teachings, and is topped with a circular dome. The apex of the dome is also ten sided and constructed of multi-colored hues of glass. Directly below the apex is the Crystal Garden, a collection of museum sized specimen crystals from all over the world, topped with a clear cover on which one can stand and experience the energies of the crystals.

There are three additional rooms which connect to the main temple. All of these buildings have a unique shape and form which is outlined in copper metal, because of its ability to conduct energy. The first of these ancillary buildings is to the right as you enter, and is a Dodecahedron, a room created from the joining together of 12 pentagons, which corresponds to the element of Ether and spiritual energy. This structure is dedicated as a meditation room.

On the left you will find the Icosahedron, which is constructed of 20 equilateral triangles joined together, and which corresponds to the element of Water, the element of the emotions and the Emotional Body. This room, also outlined in copper, is the Consultation Room, and is used for readings and counseling. It also houses a giant Elestial Crystal which, by meditating with it, can help one to discover the truth of who they are.


Temple Icosahedron

Temple Dodecahedron Interior

Cube Of Metatron

At the back of the Church, behind the altar, is the Inner Sanctum. The room itself  is in the form of a Cube, the element of the Earth and of the physical body. Atop the cube is a Giza-style four-sided pyramid cut to the same angles as the Great Pyramid, 51° 51′ 51″, and aligned in the four directions This pyramid is representative of and is in the form of an Octahedron, the 8-sided figure corresponding to the element of Air and the Mind or Mental Body. The cube and the pyramid are outlined in copper, and the bottom half of the Octahedron was constructed energetically.

To create the element of Fire, represented by the Tetrahedron or three-sided pyramid (not including the base), Metatron’s Pyramid was used. Metatron’s Pyramid is constructed of gold-plated copper tubing that has a base of 6 interlocking tetrahedrons that form a Star of David at the bottom, with a suspended Star Tetrahedron at the top, and six hanging quartz crystals corresponding to the Great Archangels.

Inside the Temple

Before entering the Temple, one can’t help but feel awed by the natural beauty that surrounds us. From the tall trees to the beautiful flowers, to the panorama of the Blue Ridge Mountains that surround this spiritual outpost, one can feel the energy, the reverence, and the love that permeates this place, a place where God’s love is felt. Passing through the Twin Pillars, one enters the Church through the huge wooden doors engraved with two eagles, a reminder of how high we can soar as spiritual beings. Above the second set of doors, the name of God in Hebrew appears in stained glass, YHWH. God’s holy name shines into and preceeds each visitor who enters, creating an energy here like no other.

Moving into the Church, one is struck with the beauty, simplicity, and uniqueness of this wonderful sanctuary. The dome and the ten LAN beams that support it are breathtaking. The Church has a ring of twenty windows surrounding it, each a different color, and flowing together like the colors of the spectrum. As the sun moves across the sky, a dazzling and ever-changing array of colored light is manifested within. And inside the temple you will find symbols and treasures, evidencing God’s presence on earth.

Looking around this sacred place, one cannot help but be inspired. From the portrait of Elijah ascending to heaven in his chariot as Melchizedek looks on, to the Ancient Egyptian zodiac wheel and hieroglyphic alphabet woven in Egypt by young children; from the oriental carpets from Turkey that decorate this place, to the statues of Quan Yin and Buddha that are present. Two of the stained glass windows depict the Tree of Life and Cube of Metatron windows, and the icons from the Greek monasteries of old are of biblical figures, including the oldest know picture of the Christ. The Temple
of Wisdom is a place of beauty, love, harmony, and healing, where God’s uniqueness and Oneness is in evidence and can be experienced. Perhaps the most inspirational offering of the temple is the 7 foot tall original oil portrait of the Ascended Christ. Many people have said that when they hold their hands up to the extended hands of the Christ portrait, they can ‘feel’ His energy.

Moving out of the Church, we are met by our giant Earthkeeper Crystal, a gift from God that anchors the higher energies of Light into this sacred place. Below is a picture of the Earthkeeper on the Opening Day of the Temple, which clearly shows the Spiritual Keeper of this crystal climbing the steps and taking his place in the heart of the crystal, just after our activation ceremony.

Giant Earthkeeper Crystal