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The Church of Wisdom was formed with the purpose of assisting and supporting therapists and healing practitioners in their healing ministry and, with the formation of the International Registry of Spiritual Healers, to provide a certifying body of both spiritual and conventional healing professionals to evaluate, certify, and sanction spiritual, metaphysical, and transpersonal healing and training programs.

The Church of Wisdom is the certifying body of Delphi University. The Church also accepts the teaching and training programs from Delphi University, the Patricia Hayes School, the RoHun™ Institute, and the Entura Spiritual Art Institute as its seminary studies for ordination as a minister in the Church of Wisdom.

The Church of Wisdom Complex

Temple of Healing

Temple of Wisdom

Temple of Light

Monthly Sunday Service – Everyone Is Welcome!

Join us for Sunday Morning Service & Chair Healings at 10:30am at the unique and beautiful Temple of Wisdom, a part of the Church of Wisdom complex. (The monthly Sunday Service is held each month on the Sunday which follows the first Friday of the month.)

The Temple is built and designed on the principles of Sacred Geometry, has representations of God’s wisdom and expression throughout the ages, unique sacred art, giant crystals, a stained glass dome, a seven foot original oil painting of the Divine Christ, and so much more.

The Church of Wisdom is a non-traditional and non-denominational church whose purpose is to train healers, teachers, and counselors who serve God by helping people.

We embrace all of God’s truths, and the many ways He has revealed and expressed Himself throughout the ages. Please join us in celebration of God’s love and wisdom as we teach, meditate, pray, sing, and enjoy.

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PO Box 70
940 Old Silvermine Road
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Charles Curcio [email protected]